Welcome To MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions Bridging The Gap In RCM

Welcome To MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions Bridging The Gap In RCM

Welcome To MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions Bridging The Gap In RCMWelcome To MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions Bridging The Gap In RCMWelcome To MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions Bridging The Gap In RCM


Who Are We?

Contraints vs. Containment

Healthcare providers are experiencing increasing financial challenges. Operational costs are at an all-time high due to constrained revenue cycles with few immediate solutions. The healthcare industry has been driving toward value-based reimbursement models in an attempt to factor in quality driven care which promotes safety measures as well as  the ability for the payors to contain cost.

Change is inevitable and the challenges will continue to squeeze the purse-strings! Money has always been left on the table, but this no longer can be an acceptable point of contention that is not dealth with properly


MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions is a full cycle revenue managment billing vendor whose platform is built on Revenue Integrity Management. We provide professional and dedicated services  through total transparency & integrity while utilizing the most efficient value-add approaches for  maximize revenue. Our pathways promote healthy revenue, streamlined processes, cost containment & a more efficient  organization.

One of the unique features about MedGate is our trademark, QUADLink approach where you are the designer of your own solution based on your needs.  You can contract for full service, which is our QUADLink or you can link services. Our platform is just that personal! Another great feature of our company  is the options you have in paying for MedGate's services, so call for those details. We boast of rates starting as low as 2.5% based on qualifying.

 Optimization of Efforts 

• We process your billing through the solution you designed from our trademark from   the QUADLink approach. 

• We create a team specifically for your needs that cater to your account specifications

• The CBO structure is designed as a STOP-LOSS

Our promise to our client is that we work as an extension of them and for them in a cooperative relationship.

So Many Get It Wrong, But We Get it Right! 

• We partner with our clients to align processes that work in conjunction with one another

• Our RCM Services Department has individual teams that function as CBO’s for each of our clients.

• The Total Quality Management – “TQM” is an approach that involves the active participation of all stakeholders in the revenue cycle. We provide the pathway and training for total optimization. 

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MedGate prides itself on its Revenue Integrity Management platform that is hinged on TQM, which allows for maximum outputs.

Can you afford to continue to leave money on the table and losing at winning the payor games?


We want to be your extension, so don't delay, call today and lets get started on improving the health of your revenue!

Our principles





Our vision at MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions is to provide innovative approaches for medical billing & management that are sustainable and add value for our clients






It is our aim to provide the best approach that is individually designed for each client to ensure

revenue integrity






  • Develop - Orchestrate value-driven solutions for our valued client.
  • Integrity - Ensure legitimate reimbursement of covered services through professional & ethical practices.
  • Accountability - Take ownership of products, services and every action.
  • Learn - Being committed to education, training and dissemination of information promotes a path of quality assurance
  • Simplify - Elimination of waste and reduction in defects enables efficiencies


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We strive to be the leader in Revenue Integrity Management billing, therefore we live in a glass house where we communicate, communicate & commnicate some more! We value our clients and we would be thrilled if we could partner with you. Have a question about MedGate's billing practice, or you just want to see if we match your needs? Don't delay the necesary change...send us a message or give us a call and see how the MedGate way can save you money starting today!

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