Your Complete Medical Billing Solution

VOB & Eligibility

50% of denials are due this most neglected process. We increase revenue by reducing ineligibility.

50% of denials are due to the lack of effective eligibility verification and is one of the most neglected steps in billing. MedGate will help to increase revenue by reducing ineligibility.



Our  coding department is housed with certified coders and auditors. We are adept in coding, compliance & clinical documentation improvement. Denial Management starts in the front-end and our Coding Team works smart to mitigate coding blunders. We optimize reimbursement through accurate coding.

Charging & Claims Filing


Our Billing Specialist work as auditors, a second layer of the coding process by scrubbing all claims to ensure accurate coding. Review and application of all required billing detail  for 835 files is done as well as a detail review of any paper claims. This team submits claims and works all clearinghouse rejections in real-time.

Payment & Denial Posting


Payment Posting & Denial Posting work in conjunction with one another. They identifiy improper reimbursement as denoted by underpayments, error in claim consideration & credit balances.

A/R Followup


A/R follow-up & collections is crtical to the success and profitibility of your organization, therefor we pursue all legitimate reimbursement. On the front-end we improve the FTPR and in the back-end here we increase the DRR - Denial Recovery Rate.

Inquiry & Patient Invoicing


Your patients have questions, we have answers. Patient invoicing can be a time consuming task , so we understand that practices do not give ample time to this process. In the hands of MedGate's Invoicing & Collections team, we have pathways for optimum self-pay & balance bill collections.