Practice Management


Our Practice Management solution enables the practice's administrative staff to concentrate on services and task that add value to patient care and that directly supports the clinical staff. We help to  improve outcomes by managing the revenue cycle & improving processes on the administrative side. We also do credentialing, contract negotiations and provider relations.

Operations Optimization


MedGate helps to improve operational efficiency by assessing the current operation and recommending a strategic plan for transformation. We then lead out in Change Management to ensure Total Quality Management prior to handing the responsibility to the practice.

Revenue Integrity Management


The revenue cycle is a recurring series of activities and events and their related information processing that's associated with providing patient care and the collection of that revenue. MedGate takes RCM a step further and operates under Revenue Integrity, which is managing assets, which are all the value-add functions and processes associated with the contracted services, so we manage nore than revenue. We ensure the integrity of your revenue under TQM.


MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions has a consuting division, The Revenue Roundtable, "TRR@MedGate". We are also Global Facilitators. To find out more about our consulting services division, click on the button below to visit TRR@MedGate.

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