What solutions do we offer to ensure a re-aligned focus?



As the industry continues to migrate from fee for service models, to value based payment models, these quality measures can have a significant impact on reimbursement. Reimbursement predicated on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction will require clinicians to focus on patient care and the statistical results. When you partner with Medgate we work to foster a cooperative with our clients to help ensure maximum outcomes in patient heathcare and the health of their revenue.


The Solutions


QUADLink is our trademark solution that enables us to angle the client’s billing needs along a four 

angle approach that is a vertical, horizontal or diagonal system that they design as their billing solution.

The Links 

Front-end Services + Hub Services = Red/Green Solution

Front-end Services + Hub Services + Back-end Services = Red/Green/Blue Solution

Hub Services + Back-end Services = Green/Blue Solution

Hub Services + Back-end Services + TQM = Green/Blue/Orange Solution

Hub Service = Green Link

Back-end Service = Blue Link

Hub Service + TQM = Green/Orange Solution

Back-end Service + TQM = Blue/Orange Solution

The 4 color links equals the Quadlink approach for an outsourced solution, practice management or for a third-party billing cooperative agreement.


Our Total Quality Management Solution - (TQM) concentrates on the working of the whole, therefore it is the gatekeeper solution that focuses on QA/QI. In this solution we use analysis, reporting, analytics, auditing, process improvement, CQI, workflow, policy development, training and consulting.

The MedGate Way - Increasing overhead cost, declining reimbursement, increasing regulatory compliance, outdated business & billing practices, inefficient processes and ill-equipped staff has brought you to Medgate Healthcare Revenue Solutions, and we aim to provide the best Revenue Integrity program that money can buy…we will go that extra mile to chase your every reimburseable dollar$$!


The Practice Management solution 

is for the client who wants to retain

its billing staff, but  needs help with managing the people, process and technology. This service is suitable for 

the QUADLink approach or its segmented solutions and a la carte.

a La Carte Services

Eligibility   Eligibility & VOB   VOB   Patient Invoicing & Collections   Scheduling   Legacy Billing & Collections   EHR   PMS   EHR/PMS   Charge Capture App   TQM Consultation Home Base      

TQM Consultation Fixed   TQM Consultation Fly-Zone